Photographs are a part of our human legacy, an instrument to document our existence. When it comes to conveying your legacy to your family and friends, you deserve the best.

It doesn’t matter what cameras we carry or what film stock we use, we are all here for one purpose; to pass on our legacy to future generations. It could be the most mundane daily occurrence like sipping your favorite coffee in the morning, or something as important as the bride + groom’s first kiss. We, the photographers, are capable of turning an experience into a tangible form of art.

Photography is more than taking pictures. It’s about preserving the fleeting memories we wish to remember.


My Philosophy

I believe when my clients hire me, they are hiring me for my ability to tell their stories through my lens. Being a fine art wedding photographer it means I take the time to create a storyline for my clients that will be truly magical. I want my clients to look back on one of the biggest days of their lives and relive each and every moment. Every couple deserves their fairytale wedding. I will make sure your wedding is documented in the most beautiful way possible. If it requires me to insert myself in order to make a genuine moment happen, that's what I will do for my clients. I am a photographer, a director, a curator, and most of all, a story teller for your wedding.


Why Film?

Being a film photographer, I love the elegant and delicate feeling a film image provokes. Film has made me a better photographer and really forces me to conceptualize an image before the shutter is clicked. It offers my clients an ethereal imagery of their wedding that's hard to duplicate. I transition seamlessly between both digital + film, so my clients get the best of both worlds. It would be an honor to document your story.